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Home Loan Pre-Qual
Schedule Your Free Session

30-minute phone call session
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Home Loan Exploration & Guidance Session

This session is right for you if

  1. you are thinking about the possibility of purchasing but are not sure where to get started.

  2. you want to find out what kind of loan programs are available for your financial circumstances.

  3. you want to get advice on how to arrange your financial resources to reach your goals.

  4. you want to structure a road map for home ownership.

  5. you have some basic questions.


You can always schedule a second session for the pre-qual letter when you are ready.


To Know Your Maximum Purchase Price & Monthly Payment Info

You will select this type of consultation if -


You already know -

  1. The type of loan program you plan to get.

  2. Your credit score.

  3. Your qualified income, on a monthly basis, with proven documentation available and ready.

  4. Your total debts, on a monthly basis.


And you want to know -

  1. How to potentially increase your qualified income.

  2. Potential additional down payment resources besides your personal savings.

You want to get a home loan pre-qualification letter with the following information -

  1. The current market rates

  2. Your maximum purchase price and available loan amount.

  3. The total monthly housing payments - principle, interest, property tax, insurance ( HOA, additional taxes)


You need to get a lender endorsed pre-qualification letter to submit a purchase offer.

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Instant Pre-Qualification Letter

You found your dream home and are ready to submit an offer. Now you need a well-prepared pre-approval letter that can represent you as a qualified buyer and convince the seller that your offer is as strong as an all-cash offer which will close successfully on time.

We are ready to put in our effort to work with you and back you up 100%.

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